Corporate Back-Up Care

Forward-thinking companies that provide a suite of work-life benefits are increasingly attracting top level employees who are happier, more committed, and stay longer. A recent study by Sodexo, 2015 Workplace Trends Report, found that top companies are looking to implement “family-friendly” benefits to assist dual-working couples in maintaining better work-life balance.

Along with paid parental leave, one of the most important employee benefits is access to affordable back-up childcare. These family-friendly work policies are increasingly shown to reduce absenteeism and increase overall job performance and satisfaction.

When Do Employees Need Back-Up Childcare?

How Our Babysitters Are Selected

What Families Say

“When  my maternity leave ended and I was about to leave my first baby at home with a nanny, I was honestly petrified. You made this such a safe, easy process and for that, I am forever grateful.”


The professionalism that has been demonstrated by your agency is remarkable. I have worked with top names in every industry and was blown away by the service – I never knew finding a nanny could be treated like the purchase of a luxury product. Kudos to you”